That Elevator Ride

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Feminism was enormously important to me, but it was important the way an elevator is important that gets you out of the basement to the ground floor, where you can get out and walk away.   Feminism showed me that I was not defective or inferior, that I was as human as a man, as capable of culture while men were no less bound by nature.  That was all I needed to know to be off and running.  Nothing is more important than for girls all over the world to get basic legal rights and protections and that elevator ride.  And God bless the people who devote their lives to running the elevator.  But staying in the elevator rather defeats its purpose.

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  1. Two things:

    1. ‘Love the concept (and the name!) and happy to participate at your very kind invitation. Lots of Sarah posts in my “Sarah get your gun” category:

    Let me know how to post or cross-post.

    2. Did you know that Peggy Noonan has attempted an elitist Northeast-Corridor-Conservative version of what you propose? Her website title says it all: WOWOWOW . . . Not!

  2. WOWOWOW (“Women on the Web”) is a group blog crammed with old, tired heavy hitters; it’s “The View” online, but less entertaining. B-O-R-I-N-G!

  3. Um, you do kind of have to stay in the elevator to operate it. So I should have said something like “Exhorting all women to stay in the elevator rather defeats the purpose.” That doesn’t read as well, though.

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