The Last Word on Roman Polanski [UPDATED]

. . . comes not from the right, but from Susan Estrich (who, megapotamus points out in the comments, can fairly be accused of hypocrisy since she ardently supported Bill Clinton against his accusers of sexual harassment, a lesser crime but on the selfsame spectrum):

I’ve got news for the big shots: International cultural events are not safe havens for criminals, nor is there any reason they should be. A criminal is a criminal, even if he is “one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers.” […]

The reason to keep him in prison for far more than one day is that he’s a rapist who fled from justice. Actually, that’s two reasons, and each is sufficient.

Roman the Rapist pleaded guilty. This is not one of those stories where you need to insert an “alleged” or a “purported” before each sentence. This is not a “he said-she said.” He was in his 40s. She was 13. He was a famous director. She was a child. He lied, lured and plied her with drugs and alcohol. […]

Rape is a crime against the state, as well as a civil wrong against the individual. […] The state presses charges, not the victim. Polanski pleaded guilty to a crime against the state. It was “People v. Polanski.” The People — in this case represented by the district attorney of Los Angeles — are not putting the whole thing behind them. Rightly so. […]

When reality intervened and it became clear that a judge might well sentence him to time in prison, Polanski did not seek to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial. He did not await the sentence and then appeal it. Free on bail pending sentencing, he decided to thumb his nose at the American justice system and flee the country. Fleeing from justice violates the “most elementary” principles of our legal system […] It’s every bit as serious as raping a 13-year-old.

Read the whole thing.  What should be important to everyone is that rape is a crime against society.  In other words, the consensus of society stands firmly behind every girl’s and woman’s right to be inviolable.  If she is violated, it’s not just her outrage, it is our outrage.  This is Civilization 101.  This is what makes us different from the Taliban.

Taking sexual crimes against girls and women less seriously than other crimes?  Allowing the rich and famous exemptions from justice?  This is not where Hollywood’s enlightened (so they think) progressives should want to be.

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  1. I read the whole thing and was quite disgusted that Estrich would dare open her yap on this subject. During the Clinton Years Estrich was a star forward on the Clinton’s Special Teams, mainly talking head counter-attack against Juanita Broaderick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones or any of the others, nameless and numberless, who were victims of William Jefferson Clinton. Her dismissive attitudes to Broaderick especially, always invoking that she (so she says) was raped and therefor on a higher moral plane than her target. Estrich’s history on this is dreadful; afactual, partisan, bullying and disrespectful to those who fell before the gaze of her hero and benefactor. Let’s not forget what happened people. Let us not forget what was said and by whom.

  2. Well, thanks. If that’s the case, I agree with you. Ann Althouse has long pointed out the hypocrisy of feminists who cozied up to Bill Clinton because he was pro-choice (or for whatever other reason). Sexual harassment á la Clinton is certainly on the spectrum of sexual coercion and contempt for women, if not as far along it as rape. Thank you for the reminder. Will update.

  3. Mega: well I guess we shouldn’t take things on face value. Estrich’s comments would have been better made anonymously then. They’re still valid though.

    Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy.

  4. At the risk of repeating, let me say that it looks like a systemic memory failure across the universe on Estrich. This detestable shill is coming quite late to the outrage party and her outrage only extends so far. Doesn’t anyone remember that Estrich founded her talking head career as a serial appologist for the serial rapist Bill Clinton? Doesn’t anyone remember the vicious bile she heaped upon Juanita Broaderick whom Clinton raped when he was AG of Arkansas? Estrich reviled and derided any such assertion by Broaderick, likewise she did not merely dismiss Paula Jones; she attacked her in the most vile terms for committing the crime of being exposed to Clinton’s penis at her place of work. Kathleen Willey was likewise a victim of both Clinton and Estrich. When it came to light that Clinton sexually assaulted this woman in the Oval Office on the day she became a widow Estrich declared that even if this were true, which she claimed it was not, this would not constitute workplace harassment since it was only a single incident. This is the kind of moral outrage this flack demonstrates, practices and is lauded for. Big, big mistake. By next Mon Polanski will have hired her as a PR flack and all will be fine and dandy. Estrich constantly used her status as an alleged victim of “rape” to excoriate any and all women who fell before the sexual appetites of her hero and benefactor, Bill Clinton. Every Polanski defense she now declaims she practiced daily on cable television for years. The only thing more disgusting than this fraud masquerading as a caring human being is that so many people who should remember her role in the Clinton rapes and assualts, over years, have forgotten. And she did the same darn thing for Shwarzenegger for whatever insane reason of her own. what the heck?????

  5. Maybe you could document that? I’m not doubting it, I just think it would refresh memories more forcefully if you could convict her in her own words.

  6. It may or may not be relevant to all this that she was one of the Democrats later named to Schwarzenegger’s transition team. Heh.

    Thanks, mega, great sleuthing.

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