Creating a disease when there is no disease: Girls just wanna have fun!


By Sissy Willis of sisu

Hey Ladies—how is Your Sex Drive?” goes the teaser at As “one who kneads bread” [the etymological root of lady], for us it was one of those highway accidents we could not not gawk at. We were assaulted by the meme in the early-morning news just before Tiny came biting our nose and gouging our cheek, demanding breakfast. Here’s the deal:

Do you need a little boost after having children? Things just aren’t always the same after becoming a mother and all the duties that go along with Motherhood. A recent survey of American women ages 18-59 found that the most common sexual problem in women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder – It’s defined by lack of sexual desire or fantasies. And now there is a medication made just for a woman’s anatomy to help with HSDD – a little pink pill with a decidedly unsexy name, Flibanserin. It is pretty controversial in the medical field but unlike the drugs for men, like Viagra, which improve blood flow, Flibanserin is an anti-depressant that works on the pleasure center of the brain.

We’re treading in The Onion and ScrappleFace territory here. Then comes the same-old, same-old anti-capitalism narrative:

In an article on CBS NEWS critics say creating a pharmaceutical solution for HSDD is driven by greed which could translate to $2 billion market in this country alone — “We call that disease mongering, creating a disease when there is no disease in order to sell an expensive product — there are a lot of inexpensive products like a glass of wine or a massage.”

We’ll drink to that. For old-fashioned girls like ourselves, the music of sweet talkin’ words is the food of love:

If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

There’s no pill for that.

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  2. […] Creating a disease when there is no disease: Girls just wanna have … […]

  3. […] Creating a disease when there is no disease: Girls just wanna have … […]

  4. […] Creating a disease when there is no disease: Girls just wanna have … […]

  5. It’s called Flibanserin?? I’m turned off already.

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