A growing chorus of “minority” Republicans are finding their voice


New Jersey Sistah Grizzly Cubachi (left) takes no prisoners. Watch out, Harry Reid. “Minority” Republicans are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take this anymore.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

“Harry Reid can’t believe I’m a Hispanic Republican” writes our fiery Latina blog/twitterfriend Cubachi in an important post that’s part of a growing chorus of “minority” Republicans who are finding their voice. They’re pushing back against Michelle Malkin’s “ethnic plantation owners,” the demagoging Democrats who would project their own racism onto the tea partiers of all races among us who don’t toe the politically correct, identity-politics party line. And they’re disintermediating the legacy media via the internet. Cubachi’s opening salvo is a challenge to the obscenely arrogant Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s assertion that he “doesn’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican“:

Well Harry, let me introduce myself. I am the daughter of Cuban exiles who have seen first hand the failures of liberal and socialist policies in their native country. My father in fact, was a political prisoner in Cuba for five years because the government deemed his speech against repression and dictatorship “hateful and dangerous.” Sort of like what you democrats say about the tea parties, although you have not thrown their members in jail … yet …

My father looked at the platform of the republican party that endorsed small government, lower taxes, and strong defense, while the democrat party embraced Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, murderers and tyrants, as some sort of folk heroes, and endorsed larger governments taking power away from the people.

Although I wasn’t born in Cuba, I witnessed for myself liberals governing the state of New Jersey. I saw the failed policies of former Governors Jim McGreevy and Jon Corzine. Unions ran the show, uncontrolled and limitless spending, massive corruption, and the highest property taxes in the nation. I, as a thinking, tax-paying citizen, can not fathom why I would support democrats that have ran this state to near bankruptcy. Heck, I see it in a larger scale in Washington, DC. Yes Harry Reid, I do think and watch the news.

As a red stater behind enemy lines here in Deepest Blue Taxachusetts, we feel a profound kinship with fellow Americans like Cubachi and other “minorities,” including small-government, free-market women of Northern European descent like ourselves, demonized by our “betters” on the left side of the aisle for embracing the Founding Fathers’ vision and rejecting the smothering embrace of identity politics and the nanny state. A sampling from recent archives of that rising chorus of “my people” finding their voices:

Cedra Crenshaw, who’s fighting the Chicago machine

Herman Cain, whose words “Stay inspired. The people are still in charge” are an inspiration

Black Republicans National Press Club event

Other signs of unconventional Republicans finding their authentic American voices:

Pajamas Media’s weekly The Minority Report

Juliette Akinyi, aka Baldilocks, “The Herding Series

GOProud Announces Ann Coulter to Headline Homoco 2010 in New York City

Update: Michelle Malkin “Buzzworthy” link!

Update II: Juliette Akinyi links at KelseyLive.com.

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