Politically Incorrect

The New Agenda, an organization which I joined because it seemed intent on empowering women across the political spectrum, has mounted a protest campaign against the comedian Louis CK, who said some really disgusting things about and to Sarah Palin on Twitter.  While I agree that his tweets are disgusting, and I’m disappointed that he would sink to being that unfunny, I think Sarah Palin will survive.  I’m more worried about Louis CK surviving the damage he’s doing to his own reputation (though I suppose there are plenty of lefty chimps jumping up and down and hooting him on).  I LOVE Louis CK as a comedian, political incorrectness and all.  The following are the comments I left at TNA:

I am sorry, but I must respectfully disagree. Like many politically-incorrect comedians, Louis CK is an equal-opportunity insulter — not a misogynist but a misanthrope — and he says much worse things about himself than about anyone else. I find him painfully funny, a worthy heir to George Carlin.

I loved the monolog in which he said, approximately, “My wife [from whom he’s now divorced] is beautiful at 40. She’s got character. All those lines in her face from all that shit I did to her.” And “You know you’re a woman when people come out of your vagina and step on your dreams.”

I think women, including Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi if he ever gets started on her, are strong enough to take it.

*   *   *

I should add that I don’t find what Louis CK said about or to Sarah Palin at all funny. It is indeed disgusting, though free speech includes his right to say it. My defense is of Louis CK as a comedian, not as a mudslinger. But all in all, I think this episode reflects more badly on him than on Palin. He just got mud all over himself.

What do you think?

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