Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Edwards, sisters under the skin?

“New York Magazine’s excerpt from the book Game Change about John and Elizabeth Edwards, ‘Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster,’ makes this the perfect time to stroll down memory lane,” wrote The Nose on Your Face a few months back. Elizabeth Edwards died today, a life full of promise thwarted by something lacking at the center?

“I’m sensing a profound sistah connection between Elizabeth Edwards and Sarah Palin,” we twittered this afternoon:

The difference? Left vs right political philosophy?

That and the luck of the marriage draw, perhaps? For Sarah, it seems, the family is the font of all good things, husband and wife equally pulling their weight. For Elizabeth a toxic mixture of power-crazed politics and reckless infidelity seems to have waylaid the golden girl on her path to fulfillment, she and her husband pulling in opposite directions that eventually derailed their utopian project to save the world. We were reading Palin’s America by Heart while waiting for the doc at Mass Eye and Ear for our annual checkup this afta [Good report, glad to tell. We’re still seeing pretty straight.]. Her message is mostly what Goomp calls “a lot of good stuff it’s nice to reminded of.” […]

Unlike Sarah, who married her high school sweetheart and stuck by her man through thick and thin, Elizabeth Edwards married a hottie she met in law school who turned out to be a narcissistic, power-hungry monster. We were thinking about her life and the paths not taken as we read this afternoon of Edwards’s death at 61 from a metastacizing breast cancer first diagnosed in the final days of her husband’s vice-presidential candidacy. Checking out the early obituaries, we found our heart breaking:

Elizabeth Edwards dazzled her future husband and her classmates with her intelligence, humor, and grit. One classmate later recalled how she could stop a law professor cold after a 20-minute grilling on a case.

“The smartest lawyer I know is my wife, Elizabeth,” John Edwards once said.

The loss of their son probably drove a stake through the heart of their marriage:

In 1996, Wade Edwards, who was 16 at the time, was killed in a wreck while driving from Raleigh to the family’s beach house on Figure Eight Island, near Wilmington. To deal with her grief, Elizabeth Edwards retired from practicing law and withdrew from interacting with friends. Later, she found solace by spending countless hours in online bereavement chat rooms …

With her husband, she could be intensely affectionate or brutally dismissive. At times subtly, at times blatantly, she was forever letting John know that she regarded him as her intellectual inferior. She called her spouse a “hick” in front of other people and derided his parents as rednecks. One time, when a friend asked if John had read a certain book, Elizabeth burst out laughing. “Oh, he doesn’t read books,” she said. “I’m the one who reads books.”

Interesting that the lamestream media, mindlessly mouthing the mantra of Sarah Palin’s lack of intellectual curiosity never thought to ask John Edwards what he was reading.

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