Rick Santorum wants Sarah Palin back in the kitchen, barefoot & pregnant?


If people want to write more than 140 characters, they need to start a blog,” and “Let us cut off the ramblers,” wrote fellow twitterers yesterday in a TweetDeck Support thread responding to a gratuitous “upgrading” of the app with something called Deck.ly that made longer tweets the default. We commend the Twitter staff for responding in record time with an option to disable the bug feature for us purists who share Thomas Jefferson’s view that “the most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” Above, house next door boarded up. There goes the neighborhood.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal Community outraged at Sarah Palin’s truth telling. Rick Santorum busy changing diapers,” we twittered this morning in a 140-character-or-fewer analysis of internecine battles flaring up amongst cabin-fevered members of our tribe. It’s SO sandbox, as TIME explains:

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who is exploring a bid for the Republican nomination, told S.E. Cupp, who hosts an online radio show on Glenn Beck’s website, that Sarah Palin is skipping CPAC because of her “business opportunities” and “other responsibilities” such as raising her five children.

“I don’t live in Alaska and I’m not the mother to all these kids and I don’t have other responsibilities that she has,” said Santorum.

Sarah reloaded and came roaring back with vintage Palin on Hannity last night:

Sarah Palin made clear Wednesday night that she took offense at Rick Santorum’s suggestion she’s not attending CPAC because she’s out making money and taking care of her kids, calling his claims “uniformed” and saying she will leave it to his wife to label him a “knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.”

We loved twitter buddy Ruth Anne Adams’s 140-or-fewer-character retort:

WTF is Santorum talking about? Last I knew, he had 4 [correction: 7] kids to raise, too. That sexism ain’t so subtle, Rick.

And in response to our own diaper-changing tweet above:

I thought so, too, when I heard it. Santorum? Prig.

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