Krauthammer’s Complaint

“I want to be the one to walk in the sun,” Cyndi Lauper explains in “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” a pop cultural artifact that mystically embodies the spirit of Sarah Palin’s fierce determination and authentic American voice that captured the hearts and minds of so many of us burgeoning Tea Partiers way back when. Or so we think.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

Krauthammer cannot ‘get out more,” writes blog buddy Gayle Miller of And you thought YOU were Cranky in the comments to our previous post, “Sarah Palin loves New York!” We were going to mention Gayle’s observations in an update, but they’re so darned insightful and well expressed that we’re giving her top billing:

It would shake his complacently settled view of the world! Much as I adore the man and his brilliant mind and much as I am of an age with the Northeast Corridor fuddy duddies, what has happened is that mentally I have remained fresh and young! I revel in the uproar and turmoil attendant since Mrs. Palin’s arrival on the scene. May it continue long enough to dispose of all of those fusty mental midgets that the “Elite Media” is trying to foist on the right! The so-called frontrunners are nothing more than the people being promoted in the media right now, much as they promoted John McCain in 2008. Once he had the nomination, they crucified him, and that’s what they’ll do with the new Republican nominee — if they are permitted to do so.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Crossposted at sisuRiehl World View and Liberty Pundits.

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