Rep. Weiner: “You and I have different values”


I hate that stupid picture of me in the blue. I’m standing in the mirror making a weird face, why would anyone use that?” twittered a sadder-but-wiser Gennette Cordova this morning in a series of 140-or-fewer-character expressions of disgust with media distortions of her image, both physical and psychological, since last Friday, when Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism broke the Big Story that came to be known as Weinergate. Above, Photoshopped “mirror” images of Cordova based upon her Twitter avatar.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

“If calling out publications for their inaccurate/shoddy journalism is stirring the pot, so be it,” twittered justifiably miffed Seattle journalism student Gennette Cordova this morning, attempting to regain her balance in the aftermath of being mugged by the reality of business-as-usual journalistic spin. It was the left-leaning Politico and the right-leaning New York Post who, she said, had spun her own and her mother’s words to sensationalize and distort the facts as she knows them in the Weinergate scandal. Salaciousness sells! In the case of Politico, for example, compare the political journal’s headline with Cordova’s follow-up tweet:

Politico: “Seattle student: Weiner photo meant for porn star.”

Cordova on Twitter: “It wasn’t an interview. I spoke candidly with someone posing as a photog assistant. And I never said the picture was meant for a porn star. He [Politico reporter] suggested it and I said maybe. I don’t know and don’t care.”

Update Cordova to Reuven Fenton at New York Post: I clearly remember you suggesting the idea about the pornstar, as well as me being “collateral damage.”

Sadder but wiser, indeed. A cautionary tale for young lovelies who “just want to have fun” to be wary of the skeevy allure of little big men like “The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill” prowling the internet. A self-described “progressive,” Cordova describes the moment “When Gen met Tony“:

Actually I became a fan after I saw him demolish Bachmann on Hannity about 2 months ago. It was great.


You and I have different values. That’s what this fight is about,” said Congressman Weiner in a rare moment of truthtelling during a March 16 shouting match debate with Rep Michele Bachmann (MN-6) on Hannity. Oh, the irony.

Can you say eye of the beholder?

Note: Hats off to Michelle Malkin for turning us on to SnapBird, an invaluable aid in following Twitter conversations:

As an avid Twitter user myself, I use the SnapBird archive to search old tweets You can search anyone’s public tweets through the service.

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