Anti-Palin tempest in a teapot? “Fog of war describes Twitter in a nutshell”


“This has been a long tease with Sarah Palin, and at some point that tease has just got to go away. What’s going to happen next,” snickered Laura Ingraham (above left) to guest Ann Coulter last night as the two blonde bombshells shared what struck us as a covenly caterwaul over the Mama Grizzly’s disintermediating GOP primary tactics. Twitter buddy Charles @repub9989 thinks it’s a jealous-woman thing, but then there’s Red State’s Erick Erickson’s complaint. See below for more, and click here for The Right Scoop’s video.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

Fog of war describes Twitter in a nutshell,” twittered Moe Lane this afternoon in response to our attempt to defuse a friendly-fire incident over our blogfriend’s preference for announced Lone-Star candidate Rick Perry vs our own first love, unannounced shoot-to-where-it’s-going Sarah Palin:

Oh. Didn’t realize you were a Perry supporter. Just retweeting a tweet that made sense to me. Reminds me of the fog of war.

We were but two hand-to-hand combatants in an army of cyberwarriors locked in a fiery internecine battle that erupted this morning between Palinistas and everyone else on our side of the aisle in the wake of a dishy catfest last night between mischief-maker Ann Coulter and host Laura Ingraham, subbing for O’Reilly:

Coulter: Most Americans don’t want Sarah Palin for President, but she’s become sort of the Obama of the Tea Party. She’s just “The One” to a certain segment of right wingers, and the tiniest criticism of her — I think many of your viewers may not know this — no conservative on TV will criticize Palin because they don’t want to deal with the hate mail.

Ingraham: People like Palin to show up at these events and whip up the crowd. There’s a place for that, and I think we need that. but people, when I talk to them, they seem to be desperate and hungry more that ever for real substance, beyond kind of the sloganeering and the bumper sticker stuff.

Bring on the smelling salts. Then there was Red State’s Erick Erickson, “all wee weed up over Palin,” as Dan Riehl so memorably puts it. We particularly liked Rants for Reasonable People’s PolitiJim’s open letter to Erickson:

Did you forget it was PALIN who helped galvanize and garner the conservative movement in 2008? Have you not read the citations of those of us who started with Santelli and were empowered with Palin who comment how many ended up as ‘the tea party?’  When the ‘big government’ republicans and pretenders forced us onto McCain – Palin was a sign of hope.

Crossposted at sisu and  Riehl World View.

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