“It was one of those great, only-in-America Judeo-Christian moments”


You’ve got to believe you are here for a reason,” Senator Joe Lieberman told Sarah Palin back in the fall of 2008 when she was losing her bearings in the tense, over-scripted days leading up to her vice presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

It was one of those great, only-in-America Judeo-Christian moments,” Senator Joe Lieberman told a delighted American Enterprise Institute audience yesterday evening, retelling the tale of a fateful meeting between him and Sarah Palin on the eve of her vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden October 2, 2008:

So I’m supporting my dear friend John McCain in 2008, and it’s the fall, it’s about a week before the vice-presidential debate … Governor Palin was in a hotel in Philadelphia practicing for the debate … The McCain campaign was in a panic. She just wasn’t registering, wasn’t doing well.

Then Steve Schmidt, who was John’s campaign manager, said to me, “Do me a favor. You’ve got something in common with her that the rest of us don’t have … You’re both religious. So go in and talk to her. Maybe pray with her” … 

So I went in, and she opened right up: “I’m off today. It’s a bad day.” Without washing dirty laundry in public, she was not happy with the McCain campaign: “They’re not handling me right.”

“You’ve got to believe you’re here for a reason,” Lieberman told her:

And she laughed and said there must be a reason. It’s so unbelievable that I’m here running for vice president.

Lieberman cited the Book of Esther:

…  that part where her uncle [cousin?] Mordechai tells her to go to the king to ask him to save the Jewish people from the evil prime minister, and then this sentence, when she’s reluctant, perhaps this is the reason you were brought to the king’s palace: If you don’t do it, somebody else will come along, and she said “Oh, that’s great.”

We’d never heard the story before, but a little googling reveals it was used for a bit of proto Palin’s-an-idiot spin at the time:

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman thinks that in order for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to beat her Democratic rival, Sen. Joe Biden, in tonight’s debate, she needs to keep it from turning into an “IQ test.”

What Lieberman was getting at was not at all that Sarah was dumb:

“What she needs to do tonight is get this public consideration of her back to who she is and her strong points and, frankly, get it away from being a, kind of, IQ test — she’s plenty smart — getting it away from being a, sort of, final college exam,” Lieberman said on MSNBC …

“Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don’t think that ultimately matters to the American people,” the Connecticut senator added. “She doesn’t know every detail, all the questions senators deal with, but, frankly, that’s her strength.”

“I think the point is, who is she as a person? I think that’s what people are ultimately looking for,” Lieberman said.

Everything happens for a reason? We’re hard-wired to see patterns. Palin/Lieberman 2012?

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