The Original “Girly Swot”

Boris Johnson, like Donald Trump, is a “man’s man” of the sort who needs to flaunt it by insulting women and/or insulting men with the imputation of femininity. The sort who knuckle-walks through the world grabbing women by the pussy and calling male rivals and critics pussies, or women. Such men’s loud contempt for the place they came from and are cursed with the craving to get back into may be a reaction formation (did I use that term right?) against need and awe, but it’s also a gaslighting strategy to shame women into forgetting our birthright power and to punish any men who break ranks by acknowledging it.

This post on Language Log, playing on a subtle remark by Irish PM Leo Varadkar, turns the tables so deftly, and ends with a rousing hit of reempowerment.

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