Let’s Talk About Women and Power!

The following was written when I started this blog in 2009.

Jesus Maria.  I can’t believe I’m starting another blog.  But this one has been on my conscience for two years, and I can prove it.

By simply repeating here what I wrote then, I’ll both save myself time I DON’T HAVE!!! and also rub salt in the wound of all the glorious missed opportunities of the past two years:

Queen Elizabeth I made this marvelous remark:  “Had I, my lords, been born crested not cloven, you had not treated me thus!”

When I quoted that in the comments at Althouse, Ann remarked that “Cloven Not Crested” would be a good name for a blog.

It would indeed — specifically, a group blog about women, politics, and power (including power in the corporate world, in the arts, in religion, in the blogosphere, and everywhere that our laying a hand on the scepter, the yad, the gavel, the brush or pen, the gun, has been taboo for the great preponderance of history — a weight that it still takes courage and common cause to overcome.  (What’s female for fellowship?  Gal-lantry?)

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and Condi Rice’s contemplated candidacy, make this a most auspicious time for the debut of such a blog.  I for one would like to see it be non-, bi-, or polypartisan:  to be all about the issues, quandaries, triumphs, absurdities, obstacles, and overcomings of women in every corridor of power where the sound of our high heels is making itself heard for pretty nearly the first time.  I would certainly contribute to it, and I suspect that quite a number of prominent women bloggers would want to, too.  Some men, too.

The problem is that I can’t run it:  I’m too time-challenged and tech-lame.  It calls for a younger, tech-conversant, politically open-minded, nondogmatic feminist.  I’m putting out the call.  It could be a big project, an important polyphonic voice, a source of both spiritual and material support for women and girls  learning to wield power well, personally and professionally.  For starters, contributing bloggers could compile a library of links to past posts of theirs that belonged on this blog that didn’t exist yet.  Categories easily suggest themselves, and they’re not all ponderous:  sex, dress, and motherhood will be as much a part of Cloven Not Crested as the presidency, the priesthood, and the glass ceiling.  (To paraphrase Kafka:  A blog should be an ax to shatter the glass ceiling both within and outside you.)

Done right, this could become a major nexus of blogdom and a project that would attract sponsorship, advertising, and multimedia interviews with eminent women across every spectrum.  (The interview should be a regular feature.  I’m already compiling a list.)  For the right webmistress, this could turn into a real job.

Pass the word along to all the women bloggers you know.

Well, you see where that got me.  Like the Little Red Hen, I’ll have to do it myself, with (for a while anyway) much diminished ambitions.  I am, however, inviting other women [what am I saying? men, too] bloggers to post or cross-post here.  ALL points of view on the subject and ANY aspect of it, from the White House to the strip club, from Palin to Pelosi, from Akron to Afghanistan, from weight to gravitas, from daycare to nail salons, are welcome.

Let’s muse (not BE the muse), dish, and brawl. As Sissy Willis says: Woman up! Fight like a girl!

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